Our group strives to foster an inclusive, respectful 

and productive environment for students from all walks of life. 

If you are interested in joining, contact Dr. Lang about funding opportunities.

Dr. Karl A. Lang (he/him)  

PI and Assistant Professor

Google Scholar


Twitter: @iamskeptikarl

Dr. Aislin Reynolds (she/her)

Presidential Postdoctoral fellow

Twitter: @AislinReynolds

Dr. Karin Lehnigk

Postdoctoral fellow

Twitter: @KarinInACanyon

Dru-Ann Harris (she/her)   

PhD student 

Twitter: @druann_harris

Srinanda Nath  

PhD student 

Elysia Viengkham

MS student 

Ryan McGee

Undergraduate student: EAS major


Marcus Kurth

Undergraduate student: EAS major

Ziya Ye

Undergraduate student: Comp. Sci major

Karla De Jesus

Undergraduate student: Comp. Sci major

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Group Alumni

Dr. Kelly D. Thomson (he/him)   

Postdoctoral fellow 2021-2022

Currently: USGS Geologist, Denver

Gabriel Villaseñor (he/him

MS  student 2020-2022

Currently: Consultant for Roux, Houston, TX

Samantha Motz (she/her)  

Undergraduate student: EAS major

Currently: GRFP fellow at UCSC

Twitter: @SamanthaMotz1


Zoë Burns (she/her)

Undergraduate student: Biochemistry major

Social Justice minor


Rett Grewal (he/him)

REU student, summer 2022


Currently: BS student at Duke University

Noah Benitez-Nelson (he/him) 

REU student, summer 2021

Currently: PhD student at University of Texas, Austin

Wontaek Kim 

Undergraduate student: CS major

Tyler Rhine

Undergraduate student: CEE major

Eisha Sultan 

Undergraduate student: Biomed. Eng. major