We are recruiting a PhD student to join our group in Summer 2024!

The student will work on funded projects developing and applying geo- and thermochronology methods to understand crustal formation and deformation, with possible field areas in the Himalaya and Appalachian mountains. Applicants should be comfortable with international travel and technical fieldwork in rugged terrain. Additional experience with geo- and/or thermochronology methods, and/or familiarity with numerical modeling would be great, but are not required. 


The student will have access to cutting-edge equipment for fission-track and noble gas methods, laser ablation MC-ICP-MS, and a range of surface science and microscopy techniques (Raman, CL, SEM, TEM). The student will also have opportunities to collaborate with domestic and international scientists working across disciplines in geophysics, planetary science and materials engineering, with the potential to participate in additional methods development and refinement for analysis of extraterrestrial materials.


Interested students should email: karl.lang@eas.gatech.edu before October 1 with a CV/resume and paragraph summary of their research experience and/or interests. Please highlight experience collaborating in diverse teams on complex projects. You can learn more about the TECHtonics group here: www.gatechtonics.info and the School of Earth and Atmospheric Science here: https://eas.gatech.edu/graduate/prospective-graduate-students.